Flushing The Toilet When the Water is Turned Off in Riverside, CA

The ability to flush the toilet in your home is something needed at allflushing toilet times, but what do you do when you’re without running water? When your water supply is off, the toilet plumbing goes with it. Being able to flush your toilet is a luxury most of us would not live without so here is a way for you to keep being able to flush, even without running water to help you out.

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The Problem

Although not being able to flush your toilet would not be the biggest of plumbing problems and won’t do much physical damage to your home it can still create unnecessary and embarrassing complications for a homeowner, especially if you haven’t known in advance that you’d be having your water turned off.

Luckily, even without running water in your home, there are ways to amend the issue of a toilet that will not flush and the fix is easy to do and very low-cost.

A toilet allows for flushing when there is water in the toilet tank, water is brought from the toilet tank into the bowl and then after flushing the toilet, a tank with running water will bring water back into the bowl ready for the next flush. However, when there is no running water coming into the toilet tank you have a little bit of a problem on your hands. Without running water you’ll likely only have enough water in the tank for one flush, so you’ll have to use it sparingly. If the one flush is used, there is still an easy remedy you can do yourself.

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The Fix

Flushing your toilet does not necessarily require running water to be filling the tank; if you have a way of acquiring water without the use of running water then you can fill the tank by hand. Again this supply will be finite so you’ll have to keep replacing the water, which can be time-consuming but at least you’ll be able to flush your toilet with ease.

If you know that you will be without running water at any point, it would be wise to stock up on a few buckets worth of water so that you’ll be able to flush your toilet whenever you like without having to run to the neighbor’s house to fill up on water.

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